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Siamese cats were originally from Siam and have gained popularity in the past one hundred years or so as house pets. They were typically bred only for the wealthy, but these days anyone can own a Siamese cat. If you want to read a great introduction to Siamese cats here.

For those who are not familiar with the Siamese cat breeds, there may be some confusion when choosing these types of cats as a pet. Most people do not even know that there are sub types in the category of Siamese cats. While most Siamese cats will be light tan in color with darker brown points on their ears, tail and legs, they will also have a darker mask around their eyes, which are always blue. There are some rarer types that will have a more blue tint to the darker brown coloring. All Siamese cats have hind legs that are longer than their front legs are.

They are different from typical house cats in that they can not sheathe their back claws. There are two main types of Siamese cats that you can own, the first is called an Apple Head Siamese cat and the other is called a Wedge Head Siamese cat.

How to Differentiate Between the Applehead Siamese and Wedge Head Siamese Cats

There are two basic types of Siamese cats; the classic, which is also know as an applehead, and the extreme type which is known as a wedge head Siamese cat.

The Apple Head Siamese Cats

The Apple Head or classic Siamese cat will be a sturdy cat which is larger and has a fuller body than the Wedge Head. This type of Siamese cat will be larger than the Wedge Head as well and will have brilliant blue eyes. Many feel that the AppleHead is more like the Siamese cats of old in that these properties were bred out of the Wedge Head Siamese cats.

The Wedge Head Siamese Cats

The Wedge Head Siamese cat is much thinner than the Apple Head is and has a more tapered or pointed face. This type of Siamese cat is typically what you will see at cat shows and are bred mostly for this purpose. Their eyes have more of slant to them and are the shape of almonds. The ears are much bigger than the Apple Head Siamese cat have.

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I have owned Siamese cats all my life. Currently, I own two pure-bred, female Siamese cats. Their names are Nikki and Zion, four and three years old respectively. All the images to the right on each page are of Nikki or Zion.

Update 9/14/11: While on vacation this summer our house sitter let Nikki out and she never came back (our cat, not the sitter, although I wish that were the case). We believe she is gone forever and we mourn her. She was seven years old.

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